Dates in our history

March 1976
First meeting of the Dorothy House Steering Committee.

May 1976
First monthly Open Meeting. First donation – £2.65. Registration sought as a charity.

October 1976
The Dorothy House Foundation officially launched. Based at Prue Dufour’s family home, 162 Bloomfield Road, Bath.

November 1976
First £5,000 accrued in bank.

January 1977
The Domiciliary Service providing 24-hour cover is started. 15 patients referred in the first two weeks. By end of 1977: 80 families helped, and 60 GPs were referring patients.

The first Day Patient Unit is opened

Expanded to 164 Bloomfield Road, as well as staying at 162.

The foundation moved into a single building: 166 Bloomfield Road.

A Physician in Palliative Medicine was appointed and the Education Centre was established.

Early 1990s
A new home for the hospice. Dorothy House at Bloomfield Road was a busy place. Referrals were on the rise and the hospice was bursting at the seams. A new location was needed; somewhere that was not only bigger but also maintained the homely atmosphere that made Bloomfield Road so special. The former Sutcliffe School in Winsley, just five miles outside Bath, offered the perfect solution. With a lot of careful planning, consideration and work, the building was purchased in 1992. Then followed the even more difficult tasks of not only turning a school building into a hospice, but also paying for it.

April 1993
An appeal, backed by newsreader Martyn Lewis, was launched. The aim was to raise the £1.75m needed to complete the conversion of the site. Martyn said:

“Dorothy House is an indispensable part of this area. You must look after it and nourish it. Everyone in the community must pull together to create a new Dorothy House in Winsley.”

The Dorothy House Foundation moved to Winsley.

Education facilities were improved by the opening of the Bloomfield Suite.

The name ‘Dorothy House Nurse Specialists’ was introduced.

Dorothy House celebrates 25 years of caring by launching a brand new look – the tulip logo, now recognised by 95% of the local population.

The newly built out patient and education wings open.