Portrait of Karen Middleton

Karen’s story

I’m a human resources administrator, part of a small team looking after the recruitment and selection side of HR for Dorothy House and all the administration for training and development – from making sure all the rooms are set up to ensuring that all staff have access to the relevant training appropriate to their role.

I came here from an administration management role at Matalan, and before that I was at Virgin Media, also in an admin-based role. They were very different organisations from Dorothy House. As a not for profit organisation there’s a feeling you’re really doing something worthwhile here. Before working here I had cause to use Dorothy House services. I went through quite an emotional time and you start to question what you’re doing with your life and what you could do.

I asked myself – what am I doing in my current role? Is this really what I want? I wasn’t unhappy, and if I hadn’t had any experience of Dorothy House, I’d probably still be there. But I realised that what I really wanted was to work for Dorothy House. I spent a long time looking at the Dorothy House website vacancies page for an administrative job I could do.

After about six months, I found one. I missed a week looking, then someone told me about a job opportunity, just before I went on holiday. I managed to get the application in on time and I was lucky enough to get the job.

I love everything about this job. The people we work with are all so inspiring. And you learn something new every day. You can just feel the compassion and the care. If only I could bottle it!

Dorothy House is just like one big hug – encompassing everybody who needs it. And I’ve seen it from both sides!  I really don’t think I could have got through it all if it hadn’t been for the amazing staff at Dorothy House.

Every day stands out. I feel so lucky to work here. Last  year, I got nominated for a staff award – I’d only been here six months so that meant such a lot to me. It’s things like that – above and beyond – that make working for Dorothy House so rewarding.