Portrait of Lachmi Bose

Lachmi and Piu’s Story

My husband was diagnosed with mesothelioma and his oncologist gave him 2-3 months to live as it is a very progressive illness. Jagadish told us that he didn’t want to go to hospital, or be in a hospice, he just wanted to be at home with his family.

At first I was trying to do everything myself, but after a couple of weeks I was exhausted, having been up 24/7 and still working during the day. I got to the stage that I couldn’t think or even see clearly and at that point I knew that I needed to ask my GP for support. This wasn’t an easy decision because I felt guilty. I felt I could and should be able to do it all.

Asking for help from the GP was a turning point, and this was when Dorothy House Hospice Care got involved.

My husband was allocated a Nurse Specialist and I was so grateful for this support. She was like a soothing balm, so gentle and kind, and when she was around my anxieties would just disappear.

The Hospice at Home carers started to provide the care through the night, which meant I could get some sleep. It was a great comfort to me that someone who didn’t even know my family would come and sit beside me so that I wouldn’t have to face his death alone.

The Dorothy House team has such immense experience, and they draw upon that to help you understand what is happening and what is best to do in particular circumstances.

My daughter, Piu, was so relieved that Hospice at Home was helping to support the burden that his rapid decline created.

“For Mum, those couple of months were physically and emotionally exhausting. It was such a relief to know that when I left the house, Mum was not alone and support was there for her.

We also always knew that Dorothy House was only a phone call away, no matter how small the question. Until you are in the situation when you rely upon the care Dorothy House offers, you cannot comprehend how important it is. It was a lifeline for Mum and our family.”

Hospice at Home enabled Jagadish to die at home and have a good death. In Dorothy House I have witnessed the amazing face of human kindness, and I am a better person for it.

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Hospice at Home

Our Hospice at Home service is provided in the later stages of someone’s life. Our experienced healthcare assistants support patients and their families in their own home, regardless of whether the patient lives alone or with others.…