Lee’s story

Lee Saunders – Change Analyst at Dorothy House


I work on the Dorothy House Information Management team as a Change Analyst. The job involves mapping and analysing information to help us make better informed decisions. It’s really all about improving processes – making sure the organisation runs more efficiently.


For instance, analysing the itemised bills from our telecoms service provider led us to realise that some staff needed additional training in using their mobile devices. This led to our Lunch and Learn sessions which, in turn, have led to optimized usage of staff mobiles across the organisation. And our new automatic HR scheduling system will replace manual timesheets, freeing up valuable staff time and making cost savings.


Dorothy House is a completely different working environment for me. I worked for more than 17 years in a large mobile telecoms company. Coming here was quite a culture shock, but a good one at that.


From my first interview I found everyone was very friendly. They all knew each other and the working environment seemed warm and inviting – something I wasn’t used to. It doesn’t matter who I work with here, I always feel welcome and that I AM making a difference. And getting thanks is something I’m not used to. People say thank you with sincerity. It definitely puts a smile on my face and it’s a big motivator.


Although I’m part of a back office team and I’m not exposed to what goes on with patients and families on a daily basis, I’m never far away from what Dorothy House is all about. Very recently a close friend of my wife became ill and spent some time at Dorothy House. Her daughter still visits Winsley regularly. That’s another factor – knowing that you’re doing something for the community.


I’ve really enjoyed it here – my colleagues have been great. Just recently I returned from annual leave to find a ‘Thank you’ card on my desk from members of a project team. What a fantastic way to be greeted on your return to work!