Lin’s story

Lin has been on the In-Patient Unit for a short while, after a spell in hospital. We met her as she was leaving to return home, and asked her about her stay at Dorothy House.

‘I was in hospital and ended up with a bad lung infection. I was very poorly and when I came out of hospital, the district nurse said I still needed to be looked after…. I was in a bad way. There was a bed at Dorothy House and, at the time, I didn’t think I’d ever go home.

‘The care is amazing. Everybody has been so kind and played a part in my recovery and now I’m as well as I am, three weeks later. There was never any rush for me to leave – it was entirely patient led, and all about how I was feeling. Communication with all the doctors and nurses was incredible. Every time I had a new symptom, they were on it. Every time I mentioned something in a comment to one person, it was known by the other clinical staff. Everyone was aware of my needs.

‘I’ve made friends with many of the staff here. I try to be a respectful patient and I didn’t want to give them extra work, but they’ve all said, no, you must call us if you want anything. They really do go the extra mile. And not just the nurses – everyone. Everybody has time to stop and talk. A doctor would come in and sit on the bed for half an hour because he knew I had questions.

‘Hospices have a reputation – that you go in and never come out. But I’m – literally – living proof that isn’t so. I’m only coming out because of the care and compassion I’ve received at Dorothy House. There isn’t one member of staff who isn’t dedicated to looking after you. They made me feel special.

‘The staff have also looked after Peter – they look after the whole family – they were concerned for him and told him he wasn’t getting enough sleep. I’ve had so many visitors who have all been made welcome – it doesn’t matter what time they come.

‘I’m quite sad to go home. I never thought I’d say that but it really makes me quite tearful.’