Head and shoulders portrait of Pete Styles

Pete’s story

Most people at Dorothy House in Winsley know me as Car Park Pete, because I’m in the car park every morning, showing staff and visitors where to park. We have limited car parking space, and a lot of cars, so we have to park smart – depending on what time people come to work and when they leave. There’s a lot of double parking! It takes about an hour every morning – sometimes longer if there’s a conference on. After I’ve sorted out the parking, I get on with my real job.

I’m Bank Conference Assistant so I prepare the rooms and the conference suite for all the meetings and conferences that take place in Winsley, keeping them clean and tidy and maintaining them, and ordering anything we need from housekeeping or from the kitchen. There’s something going on nearly every day.

I’ve been here nearly 10 years now. A friend of mine used to be a chef here so I knew a bit about Dorothy House. I didn’t really like my factory job – too much overtime. And I was getting to an age where I was starting to think about slowing down a little bit. There was a vacancy here, part-time, to do what I do now. After a year, I was asked if I wanted to go full-time.

It’s one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. The people and the atmosphere here are amazing. When you start out working, it’s all about chasing the buck. I’m not knocking it. We’ve all done it. But there comes a time when you think – what’s it all for?

Dorothy House is a really lovely place to be. We all know what a hospice is for, but here you can see how much the staff care for the patients, and they understand that the families need care too, so they focus on the families.

And I watched some of the fundraisers here, early on. I thought, whoever picked these people to do these jobs put round pegs in round holes. These people are fantastic at what they do.

Everyone is VERY professional here. It’s all about making sure the patients get the best they possibly can in an end-of-life situation and that their families are supported. And it’s giving something back.