Rob and Annie’s Story

Keen walkers creating a tunnel of walking poles over the happy couple.

Seven years ago my wife and I benefited from Dorothy House’s wonderful care and support.  Whatever troubled us was, whenever possible, lifted off our shoulders so that we and our family could concentrate on simply being together.  Following my wife’s death, Dorothy House continued to help me through the grieving process with both practical and emotional support.

It wasn’t long before I felt drawn to Dorothy House’s work and signed up as a Volunteer Driver, bringing patients in to the DPU one morning a week and taking them home later in the afternoon.  In between, I would help out in any department at Winsley which could make use of some admin and clerical assistance – anything form data input to filing, photocopying to counting tu-tus!  Dorothy House and I became an integral part of each others’ lives and I found the work very rewarding knowing that I was making things just that little bit easier for our treasured patients as well as meeting and working alongside some truly wonderful people.

2 people sat on a bench in the sun

Seven years on and things culminated on 1st June this year when, after a mutually beneficial agreement over funding and following a simple marriage ceremony in Bath Registry Office, Annie my beautiful new bride and I were treated to an intimate and meaningful wedding service of blessing and celebration provided by our dear Chaplain, Dave, in the Volunteers’ Week marquee set up in the glorious grounds at Dorothy House in Winsley.  Speeches, song, laughter, photographs, chat, food and drink ensued and along with our guests, we enjoyed an absolutely wonderful wedding day.

Annie and I thank everyone at Dorothy House who played their part with such overwhelming enthusiasm in making it all happen.  It has been an absolute delight working with you all to create the happiest of occasions and the best day ever for both of us!

I shall continue to volunteer and now Annie has started the signing up process too.

Life is perfect.