Bath Moonlight Walk Outfit Ideas

For lots of inspirational ideas click on the blue links below.  We had great fun looking at the funky clothes and hairstyles!

Wear your choice of 80s outfit – from funky leg warmers, leggings, big t-shirts, side pony tails to power dressing with shoulder pads! With the influence of pop there was Madonna’s outrageous outfits, the fantastic jackets of Michael Jackson and the decade’s favourite hairstyle, the mullet… Think Wham, the A-Team, Ghostbusters, Top Gun, Bananaman, Rainbow and shell suits!

The 80s were an era of style experimentation, bright colours and accessories (the bigger and bulkier the better). The decade of big, bouffant hair, of sports and aerobics classes, of brat pack movies and breakdancing. Here’re loads more ideas at Google Images, Totally 80s, Pinterest1 and Pinterest2

To purchase your outfit why not visit our fabulous Dorothy House shops to find a vintage/second hand 80s clothing bargain! It’s the ultimate recycler and you’ll be helping to fund vital patient care too.

This is going to be the ultimate 80s party and we want YOU to be part of it!