NEW Car Park Update – Winsley

Posted by Jenny Steele, on October 1 2018 in: News

After 2.5 years in the planning and 9 years of discussions, numerous meetings with experts and our neighbours and ensuring the plans proposed met with local planning requirements… the new car park development commenced works on 10 September.

Prior to this commencement date a number of surveys had to be carried out and the SSE cable had to be removed and replaced with an underground route before the contract with MJ Church could be signed and start date agreed.

During the build process we have a number of planning conditions to meet, we continue liaising with our neighbours about delivery times and low loader access, as well as progress which you find on our webpage

In brief:
The works should take approximately 12 weeks to complete – taking the project through to the end of November (possibly early December).  There have been minor delays due to the size of stone being removed and additional deliveries of smaller stone to level the foundation of the new car park.

During this time we have extended use of the playing field however to continue using this for parking we had to meet certain WCC conditions:

  • Erect hurdles to protect the young roots/samplings as well as offer protective screening from headlamps to our local bats
  • Protect the main access/exit with gravel
  • Protect the main driveway of the field and turning points with protective matting
  • Signpost the pedestrian access
  • Added hardcore to the vehicular access/exit Minimise mud to the lane leading to Murhill
  • At the end of the new build project to put the field back by seeding and re-turfing any damaged areas

The new build will be in two phases, which commenced with the new car park which will create 71 new spaces. Once the new car park area has been formed, the main entrance will be reconfigured for safer and better traffic flow.  White lining throughout the whole car park and pedestrian walk ways will made clearer and safer.  Once both phases have been completed this will increase our parking from 103 spaces to 174 spaces.

The reconfiguration of the main and front car park will be considered at a later stage.

We will keep a weekly photo diary on the webpage for Dorothy House and local residents to view.

Tomorrow (2nd October) a low loader will arrive at 0700 which will require ease of access from Limpley Stoke Road to the lane, so cones will be put out this afternoon.  Residents have been advised, as before.  At this time, this should cause very little disruption to DH daily routine.

As always, thank you all for your continued support in ensuring this project runs smoothly by accepting the temporary parking solutions.