Day One

Posted by Matt Carter, on October 25 2018 in: One Man And His Dog

What a wonderful day – it started with a 06.00 alarm, but not early enough. I have discovered I faff, takes hours to make that one cup of coffee and school run starts at 7am, which means getting anywhere is challenging. But we did and arrived at moorland road early, early enough to drive down the one way street the wrong way!! not clever. BBC Wiltshire had mince pies as their main topic “Christmas arriving too early” but they also covered homelessness as their main story, what better introduction to talk about our strategy and we did.

So we arrived at Moorland Road, coffee waiting, what a treat then off to Abbeygate

Argyle Street:

Then Coffee House 76

Then Broad Street

Then the Calypso band with BEMCSA – did you know about the nine days of celebration, the open grave and self burial..no neither did I. Claudia is an amazing individual and now we know her, and what a band. Thanks to everyone including the Macmillan Cancer Support bus – a lot was learnt and experienced. Steve and Louise, a great effort. Then there was Emily and Hollie and everyone else, they have their own photos, but what a lunch time. I don’t really know what we spoke about, but conversations flowed with everyone dancing to the Rainbow Steel band, you just could not stand still, it was electric. Then we started: Rob Stewart, his fiancĂ©e Annie and William a GP from Keynsham, retired, but he is driving a whole project around social prescription – wow what he did not know, pioneering.


We walked a good pace and the river is just full of activity and a place of discovery. Rowers from Bristol, Bath and Avon compete for space:


and then no sooner had we started we arrived, my phone battery flat, pictures to follow, on to the outskirts of Keynsham where we met Charles Gerrish a senior councillor Keynsham, focused on bringing Charites together, yet another powerful contact – the journey had passed as if a blink of an eye. We arrived visiting Goldies, before walking into a fantastic reception party at our Keysham shop – drizzle cake, tea, Josette our trustee , Phil and his son Freddie we had a ball, thank you all and then off to a reception at St Monicas – in the revamped Chocolate Factory, where St Peters have their IPU. Thanks Vicky for joining us:

Its an amazing place, offices, care home, nursing home, gym, restaurant, creative therapies and a sunset to appreciate.

The day came to an end and how lucky have we all been, views:


An exhausted Myrtle:

It starts again tomorrow, its amazing what a hot bath and Gin does for the inner self, until tomorrow.