Dementia update

Posted by Biddy Walcot, on January 17 2017 in: Dementia

As part of our on-going programme to become a dementia-friendly organisation, we’ve made some surprising changes to some of the patient areas in the hospice at Winsley including newly painted corridors and public areas, and new signage. Funded by an NHS CQUIN for dementia, all the changes have been recommended and discussed with dementia experts, and have been chosen to make our public areas as accessible as possible.


Until very recently, signs around the hospice were made from transparent acrylic, printed with thin lettering. Not only were they quite difficult to locate, but shadows cast under artificial and daylight made them difficult to read as well. Our new signs are much larger and easier to spot. They have clear text, icons and numbers on a contrasting background so help people with dementia with visual perception.


Perhaps surprisingly, mood lighting isn’t really an issue for people with dementia. But changes in lighting density from bright to ambient and back can play tricks sometimes, creating trip hazards.  We’ve assessed the quality of lighting in patient areas of the hospice and have modified or improved it where needed. Over the next few months we’ll be introducing some new furniture, where appropriate. Watch this space for news of our latest updates.

If you would like any information about our services for people with dementia, please contact our Education team on 01225 721 470, who would be happy to talk to you.