Dotty’s Tea Party at Argyle Street

Posted by Matt Carter, on March 13 2017 in: Dotty's Shops

The Vitality Bath Half Marathon always has a lovely atmosphere and this year our shop on Argyle Street added to it by having a tea party! The living window display was designed to promote Dorothy’s Tea Party.

Shop manager Linda Morgan said: “We set up a table and chairs in the window, a nice tea set with a lovely cake stand and many lovely cakes. All we needed was some “live mannequins”. One of our volunteers, Marie, popped in for an hour and stayed for four, sitting in the window smiling and waving at everyone especially the children making them laugh. Other visitors joined her as she drank an occasional cup of tea.

Another volunteer, Brenda, went out to the front of the shop with a tray of cakes and a collecting bucket. It was lovely to see the children choosing and then eagerly scoffing their cake.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad day at all!  We raised some money, as well as the shop’s profile, and had some lovely conversations, met some lovely people, laughed and made people smile.”

Thanks to Debbie and Sue from Dorothy House, Debbie’s husband, Paul and Sarah and Josie.

Find out more about Dorothy’s Tea Party here.