Film showing – Seven Songs for a Long Life

Posted by Matt Carter, on September 29 2015 in: News

Singing is a powerful form of human connection.  Seven Songs for a Long Life s a documentary which shows how even in the most painful of circumstances, communities can come together to face mortality. Seven Songs is a film for patients, carers, families, hospice staff – anyone who has ever pondered their own mortality.

The film follows six hospice patients, a nurse and a fund-raiser and encouraged by the musically-talented staff (and an intimate filming process) explores how individuals deal with their terminal diagnosis with humour and passion for music, allowing us in to tender, vulnerable and funny moments of their lives.

Director Amy Hardie filmed in Strathcarron for four years.

“I had committed to making a patient-led documentary but had never imagined that what the patients would most want would be to sing! As so many of the songs express the growing relationship between staff and patient, patient and patient, a theme emerges: just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to make the process of facing your own mortality, and of dying itself, safe, individual, and as gentle as possible.”
Director Amy Hardie

Dorothy House Hospice Care is supporting UK Hospice Care Week by joining with local funeral celebrant Paul Kefford and the Pound Arts Centre in Corsham to screen this thought provoking film on Saturday 10 October 2015. The centre have offered their venue free of charge with the cost of production being met by local undertaker Bewley & Merrett, Corsham www.bewleymerrett.co.uk as part of their ongoing support for the hospice. Members of the hospice staff will be in attendance providing information and support.


Two women smiling and dancing together