Fraud Crime Targets Dorothy House

Posted by Jenny Steele, on May 30 2017 in: News

Earlier this month Dorothy House Hospice Care (DHHC) was the victim of a sophisticated criminal financial fraud by an external party.  This resulted in £130,000 being stolen from the Hospice’s bank account. Our patient and family care remained unaffected throughout this fraudulent incident and we have no evidence of internal staff collusion in the fraud.

We are treating this criminal incident extremely seriously and all relevant authorities have been alerted including the Police, Banks, DHHC Trustees and Insurers, the Charity Commission & NHS Counter Fraud Support.  The Hospice has thoroughly analysed its internal security measures and we are confident they are robust.   Dorothy House has commissioned a full independent investigation by a professional forensic investigation company the results of which will be made available in the months ahead.

John Davies, CEO at Dorothy House Hospice Care said of the fraudulent incident:

“That such a despicable crime can be targeted at a charity like Dorothy House makes me extremely angry and is an affront to the amazing work and support of our community, staff and our volunteers.  Fortunately, no confidentiality or patient or family care was affected by this incident and there is no financial risk to the charity due to strong contingency planning.  The Hospice is constantly vigilant of all aspects of online security and we are well protected against cyber-attacks like the recent ransomware virus affecting parts of the NHS.  We are alerting other local hospices to help them avoid any similar fraud.  Looking ahead, we will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that Dorothy House and its funds are secure and we will continue to deliver the outstanding care for which we are renowned.”