Gender Pay Report 2018

Posted by Matt Carter, on April 6 2018 in: News

As required by the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, Dorothy House Hospice Care has undertaken Gender Pay Reporting and will do so on an annual basis.  Our figures have been calculated as laid out in the legislation and I confirm that the figures submitted are accurate and that the correct methodology has been followed.

John Davies, Chief Executive, Dorothy House Hospice Care

Results Analysis:

Dorothy House has a Mean Pay Gap of -3.2% and a Median Pay Gap of -18.4% which means that on average women across the organisation earn more than men. In April 2017 the Hospice employed 401 people in their workforce with a gender split of 69 men and 332 women.

Like many hospices, Dorothy House attracts a largely female workforce (82.8%) as well as employing men (17.2%) across many of our teams including retail, management, clinical, estates and facilities. When looking at our Median Pay Gap figure of -18.4% it is useful to know that 52% of our male staff are employed in roles in the lower pay quartile whereas only 19% of our female staff fall into this quartile. This naturally shifts the weighting of our median pay gap figure as our male median pay average falls in the lower quartile and the female median pay average falls in the upper middle quartile.

We have strong representation of women in senior roles at Dorothy House. Out of the 200 employees in the two upper pay quartiles, 89% are women.

The Hospice ensures that fair and equal pay is awarded to both men and women working in the same or similar roles. Gender pay reporting differs to equal pay. Equal pay deals with the differences between men and women who carry out the same or similar work whereas the gender pay gap shows the difference in the average pay between all men and women in a workforce without recognising different roles or types of contract.

Three calculations were required by the legislation to show the difference in pay between men and women working at the Hospice.

1.The mean or average gender pay gap in hourly pay.
This calculation required the Hospice to show the difference between the mean hourly rate of pay that ‘relevant’ male and ‘relevant’ female employees receive. The result shows the difference of male pay over female pay as either a positive or a negative figure.

2. The median gender pay gap in hourly pay.
The Hospice was required to show the difference between the median hourly rate of pay that ‘relevant’ male and ‘relevant’ female employees receive. Again, the result shows the difference of male pay over female pay as either a positive or negative figure.

3. The proportion of males and female employees in each quartile pay band.
This calculation required the hospice to show the proportion of male and female employees in four quartile pay bands based on the division of the total workforce in to four equal sections.

Dorothy House Gender Pay Gap Results from 5th April 2017:
Based on data regarding our full-time, part-time and bank employees.

Mean Pay Gap: -3.2%
Median Pay Gap: -18.4%
(In comparison the UK average pay gap is 18.1%).

Pay Quartile Statistics:

Quartile % of male  % of female
Lower 36% 64%
Lower Middle 10% 90%
Upper Middle 9% 91%
Upper 14% 86%


As Dorothy House does not have a bonus pay system we have no mean or median bonus pay gap figures to report. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer ensuring a diverse workplace by not discriminating against applicants or existing employees on the basis of race, religion, age, gender or for any characteristic or class protected by the law equality in the workplace.

To find out more please contact Haylie Carr, Head of HR & Services at Dorothy House Hospice Care by emailing