Gifts that give twice

Posted by Matt Carter, on November 22 2018 in: Dotty's Shops

The Dorothy House shops are not your typical high street charity chain. We aim to appeal to all budgets and tastes, and we have lots of fun gift ideas at reasonable prices. And by shopping from one of our shops, your gift gives twice!

The first gift:
With Christmas fast approaching, we understand that your Christmas Shopping List gets longer and longer every year till before you know it, your list is longer than your arm and you’re wondering how to fit it all into your budget. But our shops offer the ideal opportunity to get your Secret Santa prezzie for the work party, gifts for your cousins up north and nieces down south. So as the gift list grows, look for those prefect gifts in our shops where you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a fantastic present.


The second gift:
You can shop anywhere, but by buying from Dorothy House you are giving straight back to our community. By purchasing pre-loved items you’re supporting the ‘organic’ and ‘green buying’ movement that’s taking the commercial world by storm and helping Dorothy House provide care for patients and their families, completely free of charge.


This year, give gifts that Give Twice; once to your mates and then to your community.
We look forward to seeing you soon!