Dorothy House Shops Update

Posted by Alistair McIntyre, on March 23 2020 in: News

A message from our Chief Executive, Wayne de Leeuw. (23.03.2020)

We are closing all Dorothy House shops with immediate effect as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak.  This means they will not open as planned at 10.30am this morning (23/3/2020).  We feel that to protect the safety of our staff, volunteers and customers this is the best course of action.

We face a very difficult balance in seeking to increase our services to meet the current need when ordinarily less than 30% of our care is funded via the NHS.  We are therefore seeking to find safe ways to accept donations and continue online sales so please look out for updates – however we will only do this if we are convinced we can do so while protecting our people and community.

Thank you for your ongoing support before, during and after this situation.  We’ll be reaching out with ways our community can continue to come together, to help people in the coming days and weeks to live well and have a peaceful death. If you can make a donation to support this please visit http://www.dorothyhouse.org.uk/donate