Hospice Education Partnership launched

Posted by Jenny Steele, on October 14 2016 in: Education

We have joined forces with Prospect Hospice to launch the Hospice Education Partnership. A pioneering new partnership that will roll out education sessions to local healthcare staff to help develop their skills in the field of end-of-life care.

Prospect Hospice and Dorothy House Hospice Care, already both provide a broad range of end-of-life care and services across Wiltshire but we are set to begin collaborating this autumn on presenting a range of education courses and workshops on major issues in the care of dying people.

The three areas we will be working together on are communications skills for Healthcare professionals working with dying people, end-of-life care for homeless people and syringe driver training.

Rachael Chronnell, Education Manager at Prospect Hospice, said: “Education services are going to be crucial in the years ahead in enabling hospices like ours to reach all the people who are going to need specialist end-of-life care in the coming years. We are delighted that we will be working closely with our colleagues at Dorothy House Hospice Care from this autumn to bring our collective expertise to train Wiltshire healthcare professionals in support of local people.”

Helen De Renzie-Brett, our Head of Education shares: “We are looking forward to partnering with Prospect Hospice over the coming months. Through the collaborative  working of both hospices , we can provide health and social care professionals with the skills to deliver the highest standards of expertise in end of life care across our respective regions.’

If you would like to know more about courses run by the Hospice Education Partnership or further information about our Training and Education team, please follow this link.

The Hospice Education Partnership courses are available for booking, please follow this link for details