Lasting Power of Attorney – Live Talk

Posted by Alistair McIntyre, on August 19 2020 in: News

Lasting Power of Attorney

September is Lasting Power of Attorney month here at Dorothy House. Do you have a Lasting Power of Attorney in place? This is an incredibly important document for anyone living in the UK but even more so for those over the age of 50. This document allows your chosen person to speak for you when you no longer are able to. For more information on this, please go to https://www.dorothyhouse.org.uk/making-a-will/lasting-power-of-attorney/.

Live Talk

As part of the month, we are fortunate share the following : Andrew Robertson, Managing Director at McClure Solicitors, will talk about what legal affairs you should be sorting for later life at our Live Talk at 11.15am on Tuesday 15th September 2020. The first thing he will focus on is Lasting Power of Attorney as this is likely to be the first service you may need – this is appointing someone you trust to look after your affairs whilst you are alive should you not be able to do so yourself. He will also advise on what else you should consider such as Wills, Wills with Discretion, Trusts, Gifts of Hindsight, Probate, and Inheritance Tax Planning.

There will the opportunity to ask questions throughout the live talk and Andrew will answer all your questions at the end of his talk. It will be recorded so a copy of the event and any videos you would like on specific subjects can be emailed to you afterwards. You will also be able to make appointments to meet Alison Huggins, their local Bath Estate Planning Consultant, should you wish to get advice or give instructions for any of the legal services. To register for the event, please follow: https://bit.ly/31KGbmb