No more excuses!

  • 27 May, 2021


Our partnership with Beyond offers quick, easy and professional online Will writing services to any of our supporters living in England and Wales. This service normally costs £90 (per Will) but using the special link below you can do it for free. Also a joint will, between spouses, is also free of charge. So there really is no excuse!

There is no obligation to leave a gift to Dorothy House. However, if you would consider we would be very grateful as it makes a huge difference to the care we can provide.

How it works

At the beginning of the online Will process, you will be given a code to access the free Will option. It’s a good idea to make a note of this as you won’t be asked again for the code until right at the end.

You will be asked a selection of questions and once you have answered them all, you will be asked to click a ‘payment’ button to take you through to the payment page. Don’t worry, you do not need to make any payment, you will be prompted to enter the free Will code, and once process is complete you have done it.

You will have sorted your Will. Brilliant and no more excuses needed!

Every Will is checked by one of Beyond’s in-house legal experts. Beyond won’t share your details with us, unless you have given them permission, and again there is no obligation to leave a gift to Dorothy House, but we would love it if you could consider.