Pepperbox Nursery Complete our #700 Challenge For Benj Millard

Posted by David Jaquin, on May 3 2019 in: News

This year the children and families of Pepperbox Nursery have been hard at work raising money to help a cause very close to their hearts. The Nursery Manager’s son Ben passed away this month due to Advanced Bowel Cancer at the young age of 33.

Dorothy House launched a #700 Fundraising Appeal where individuals or groups commit to doing 700 things….so drinking 700 cups of tea, walking 700 steps, staying silent for 700 minutes, whatever works for individuals/groups.

The nursery decided to do 700 activities with the children. All the children throughout the week of 8th to the 12th April have taken part and they received certificates and medals at the end of the week for their achievements. The Baby Room children crawled through tunnels, threw bean bags in a hoop, did trampoline jumps, clapped, built brick towers & travelled over a soft play course. Each child aged 2 to 4 years took part in 7 activities and completed the activity list of star jumps, ball catches, kicking a ball, balancing along the sleepers, jumps on a trampoline, jumping off crates, throwing bean bags into a hoop or basket. At the end of the week we have smashed the target of 700 actions with the children, 7 activities X 100+ children!

We know that Benj would have been very impressed with the children’s efforts because he used to go to the gym every day, sometimes twice a day. Sport and activity had always played a huge part in his life.

April was Bowel Cancer UK Awareness month, it is also Benj’s birthday month, so we have been highlighting the amazing work that Bowel Cancer UK do to research and find cures for this disease. Benj and his family were supported by Dorothy House and his parents started a Tulip Fund to continue his legacy and raise funds for Dorothy House.

Benj Millard