Phased reopening of our shops

Posted by Hollie, on June 26 2020 in: Blog

Shops that are currently open:

  • Bath Furniture
  • Chippenham Furniture
  • Midsomer Norton
  • Moorland Road, Bath
  • Weston, Bath
  • Wicker Hill, Trowbridge

Starting 1 July, our network of 26 shops will begin reopening after the temporary closure due to COVID-19.

Throughout the pandemic our first priority has been the welfare of our workforce, customers and donors. As we start reopening our shops, this will continue to be our focus.

From 1 July a few shops will reopen. Extra measures are in place to protect shoppers and our workforce: we will adhere to social distancing, we’ve made changes to how we process donations and we have personal protective equipment available for our workforce to use. Once these new ways of working are established, we will continue to open more shops.

Additionally, our eBay shop is open day and night. Shop with us from the comfort of your sofa here: https://www.charity.ebay.co.uk/charity/The-Dorothy-House-Foundation-Ltd/9905

Our shops are delighted to accept your clean, good quality donations. Broken or soiled items cannot be accepted so please check that your donations are in good order. Our website will be updated daily with the full list of items we are currently accepting and shop opening times.

We’re making changes to how we collect and deliver furniture in order to keep our workforce and customers safe. For more information, please refer to our shops page for more information and to book online.

We are looking forward to opening our shop doors soon and welcoming you back. We expect you will find some really great treasures since everyone’s had a lockdown clear-out. Thank you for your support during this time.

Dorothy House shops – your questions answered:

How do I know if my local shop is open?

From 1 July we will start a phased reopening of our shops. All up-to-date info will be available on our website: https://www.dorothyhouse.org.uk/shops/.


Will opening hours be different?

Yes. We’ve adjusted our opening hours to account for the needs of our workforce. Opening hours for each shop will be regularly updated on our website so please check before making a visit. When shops are closed during normal hours of operation, we’ll be carrying out increased cleaning and stock replenishment.


Would you like my donations?

We would love your clean and good quality donations. Broken or soiled items cannot be accepted so please check that your donations are in good order. A good way to decide if an item should be donated is to ask yourself, “Will someone pay money for this?”, and if not, maybe it should be recycled instead.


Can I still donate furniture?

YES. From 8 July we will be able to accept some furniture donations. As only a few shops will be open so please ring ahead to ensure we have capacity for your donation or check the shops page for current updates.


Are you collecting furniture?

YES. From 8 July collections will resume. However, we are only able to collect items from outside your home at this time.


Can I leave donations outside a shop if it’s closed?

No. Items left outside our shops are often ruined and cost the Hospice money to dispose of. This cost directly impacts us and our ability to deliver care and support for patients and their families. Also, leaving items outside a closed shop is legally deemed as fly tipping. Check our website or call your local shop to ensure it’s opened and if not, please hang onto your good quality donations for us.


How will social distancing be maintained in your shops?

Each shop has been assessed to determine a maximum number of customers who can safely be inside at any one time. We have also installed walkway guidance in most shops to help customers maintain proper distancing.


How will your workforce, customers and donors be protected?

We’ve introduced a number of measures to make the shops as safe as they can be. This includes installation of Perspex screens at the tills, enhanced cleaning schedules, social distancing signage, 72hr hold on all donations before they are processed for sale and card payments only.


How will my donations help Dorothy House?

Every good quality item that’s donated to, or purchased from, Dorothy House makes a difference. Like so many other UK charities, we’ve been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 lockdown. Your support has never been more important as we begin to reopen our shops to support the wider work of the Hospice in providing end of life care in our community.


Can I help?

If you can spare some time and aren’t shielding at home, our shops would love to welcome new volunteers. Even small amounts of time can be a big help.

We always welcome new volunteers, and today, as many of our volunteers are shielding because they are vulnerable or elderly, we’d welcome new faces with open arms! To find out more about current opportunities pop into your local shop or contact Volunteer Services volunteer@dorothyhouse-hospice.org.uk