Christmas Memories

Thank you for supporting Dorothy House. To find out why your support is so vital to us and how you can really help us to make a difference this Christmas, please read our message below.


Just imagine what it must be like to know that this Christmas will be the last for someone you love.

Imagine how much you would want to make last Christmas memories – ones in which family and friends can gather together. But this Christmas is unlike any that many of us can remember isn’t it?

There’s so much uncertainty. Uncertainty about the severity of continued COVID measures. And uncertainty about whether we’ll be able to meet up with family and friends and those closest to us. Now just imagine how helpless and anxious families and carers of loved ones approaching their last Christmas must be feeling today.

And how much they must long to be able to forget the lockdowns and restrictions and treatments and – just for a day – treasure one last Christmas together.


Your support is needed like never before

At Dorothy House, we cannot rest knowing that family members, friends and carers could be feeling this way approaching Christmas.

Or if someone we could help is spending their last Christmas anxious or alone or in pain.

Or if a hospital admission could be avoided if only we knew.

We may be powerless to remove the restrictions on gathering with family and friends but we are not powerless to offer our care to those who need it this Christmas. But we can’t help people unless we’re able to reach them. And we can’t reach them without your support.

But more than two thirds of this vital care is paid for from your donations

And with our shops closed down throughout this latest lockdown, a critical source of those donations has dried up – just when we need it the most.

That means that – this year – our ability to provide patients with a last Christmas to treasure depends on your donations more than ever before.


Donate now and you will make a difference

Our nurses and carers often talk about how privileged they feel to help a patient and their family fulfil their wish of a last Christmas together.

But they also talk about how families and carers can feel overwhelmed by the significance of the season. How they worry that Christmas won’t be what their loved one had hoped and wished for. And how they feel helpless to know what to do to make it right.

No family or carer should feel overwhelmed or helpless this Christmas. No-one in need of care should feel alone or anxious or in pain.

And thanks to your donation today – and our help – they won’t.

No matter how much you can afford, donate now and we’ll put your donation to work straightaway.