COVID-19 Public Resources

Whether you are caring for a family member or working as a carer, it’s useful to know how to alleviate COVID-19 symptoms such as breathlessness, a cough or high temperature. Dorothy House Nurse Specialists are experts in symptom control and can give you some helpful tips for caring at home. Please click here for our live presentation recorded in Winsley on 9 April.

COVID-19: What we’ve learned so far

Our Medical Director, Emma Frampton, talks about the effects of COVID-19 on the way we are able to give care to our patients and how we have had to react quickly to the changing demands around us.

Will making and estate planning

Meet Andrew, the Managing Director at McClure Solicitors, who will explain a few points to consider as you think about making or updating your Will. He leads an interesting sessions and takes questions from the livestream audience.

Grief: Coping in isolation

In this video from our Virtual Open Day live stream we hear from Anne, one of our Family Support Team members who works with those recently bereaved to help them through a hard and stressful process, particularly at this time.

Managing Breathlessness at home

In this film, Physiotherapist Louise Brown provides helpful hints and tips for managing breathlessness at home during the Covid-19 outbreak.

COVID-19: Funeral arrangements and bereavement support

In these unprecedented times, we have put together a brief list of funeral and bereavement resources that we hope will be a help to you. There are ideas for remembering loved ones and links to resources and online communities where you can find support.

Fundraising top tips

Fundraising has become an even bigger challenge for us during COVID-19, but your support is needed now more than ever. Join Verity, one of our Community Fundraisers, as she offers helpful tips on how you can raise money for our patient care, without leaving the comfort of your home.

COVID-19: Exercises to help relieve symptoms

In just 10 minutes our Physiotherapists will take you through a set of exercises you can do from home. These can be done seated or standing, and no equipment is needed unless you'd like to have a chair.

Practical care for a dying person

Are you concerned about how you can provide the best care for someone who is in their last days or hours of life? This leaflet gives practical advice on how to help a person in a number of different ways.

Relaxation recordings

Seven recordings to help you relax. These are suitable for anyone – patients, families, carers and friends. look after your mental health by taking time to relax with one of these soundtracks.