Cuddle Beds Appeal

When a patient arrives at Dorothy House, their world often revolves around their bed. It’s where we care for them, provide pain relief, and most importantly, where they spend precious moments with their loved ones. You can help ensure that our patients have both comfort and dignity during their time with us by supporting our appeal today.

You can make a real difference to our patients. If we come together as a community, we can achieve our goal of funding 12 specialist mattresses and 2 cuddle beds for the Inpatient Unit in Winsley. Please donate today if you can.

With your support today, that could be about to change.


Dynamic Mattress

Your donation can also help to buy ten Dynamic Mattresses that provide comfort and dignity for a patient on our Inpatient Unit. The innovative design has a tilt mechanism so that when a patient is sleeping, the bed will move 30 degrees, gently turning the patient onto their side so they don’t get pressure ulcers.

Your gift could help buy ten Dynamic Mattresses to provide comfort and dignity to very patient. One Dynamic Mattress costs an estimated £725.

Airflow Mattress

Your gift today could help buy two new Airflow Mattresses that help relieve pain. These brilliant mattresses have alternating air cells to provide support and pressure relief. The mattress can even automatically adjust to the weight of a patient, making it almost bespoke to their needs.

Your gift could help buy two Airflow Mattresses that manage pain, reducing the chance of pressure sores. One Airflow Mattress costs an estimated £1,950.

Cuddle Bed

The Cuddle Bed does everything a normal hospice bed does. It provides comfort, security and is adjustable so the medical staff can deliver the best possible care to Dorothy House patients. 

But it does one more, extraordinary thing. At the touch of a button, it can widen into a double bed, so families can have a much needed cuddle. This would have made an incredible difference to Trudy’s dad – giving him the chance to hold his wife close, just like they would have done at home. 

Your gift could help buy two Cuddle Beds, so a family can have a hug goodbye. One Cuddle Bed costs an estimated £14,500.

Please support the
Cuddle Beds Appeal today


When Trudy’s mum was diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer, coming to Dorothy House was a chance to make sure she got the care she needed.

Our team was there for her and her loved ones. We helped provide pain relief, comfort and dignity, as the family prepared to say goodbye. 

Trudy and her family sat by her mum’s side day after day, holding her hand, sharing memories, helping to make her comfortable, and treasuring every precious minute they had together. But one thing they couldn’t do was hold their mum tight– to lie next to her and give her a cuddle that let her know she was not alone. 

“Dorothy House is always innovating and improving to meet a family’s needs.”

“We can always do more to make things better for patients like mum.” Trudy