Soapbox Derby 2017 – CANCELLED

9 July 2017

Event information

  • 9 July, 2017
    11:00 am - 4:00 pm


Launch of Soapbox Derby fundraiser for Dorothy House 9th July Credit Beata Cosgrove Photography

(Left to right) Oliver Sacco, Director at Lansdown Mazda, Phillippa Watson, Head of Fundraising at Dorothy House, Amy Williams, Olympic champion and Zac Fennell, Director of BA1 Hair. Photo credit Beata Cosgrove Photography

Let the ‘Soapbox Battle of Bath’ commence!

The Soapbox Derby is a new event for Dorothy House Hospice Care which will take place on the Three Acre area of Royal Victoria Park (below the Royal Crescent and above Royal Avenue).

It will be a time trial for non-power assisted go-karts run over a grassy, inclined course. The karts will require a three-person team with one person driving and two pushing. The run will be timed by event stewards.

Entry is in advance and costs £300 per team of three people. Children aged 7yrs+ are welcome to participate as drivers, if pushed by a parent or responsible adult (and with signed permission from a parent or guardian for under 18s).  All teams must be registered and their karts inspected for safety on arrival.

The event should inspire some gentle rivalry between business competitors in Bath by pitting them in a time trial against one another so local car dealerships can compete against each other or estate agents, hairdressers, retailers, law firms, hotels or restaurants can compete to win a trophy and other great prizes.  This event is not just open to local businesses, individuals are also most welcome to enter.

Competitors are encouraged to dress up their cars and themselves and bring friends, families and colleagues along to watch the battle of the soapboxes unfold.  Prizes will be available for the best dressed team, most spectacular cornering and most entertaining run alongside trophies for the winning teams.

The first runs will take place from 11am and there will be children’s activities for all the family including a ‘Test Drive’ area for kids to sit on go-karts and a range of food and drink stalls.

Registration Fees
Registration fees are £300 per team to include access to VIP pit lane and picnic lunch.
Registration closes on Friday 30 June or when the event is full.
A maximum of 40 carts can enter.

For more information please contact Phillippa Watson on 01225 721480, 07814 920331 or e-mail

Booking details

Terms and conditions

These booking terms and conditions apply to everyone who takes part in the Dorothy House Hospice Care (DHHC) Soapbox Derby.
These terms and conditions contain important information regarding participation, and upon entry you must agree to and accept these terms and conditions on behalf of yourself and your team.
A team consists of three people (1 driver and 2 pushers).
There will be a maximum of 40 teams allowed to participate in the event.
All registrants must register in advance.
To take part you must pay an entry fee of £300.
Teams must register with their karts one hour before start time; event starts at 12 noon.
Full details of the day and timings will be sent out by the middle of June 2017.
Any disputes will be dealt with by the Stewards.  The Senior Steward’s decision is final.
If necessary, you should gain advice from your GP as to whether you are physically prepared to undertake the challenge.
Please note that photography and filming for publicity purposes will take place throughout the event.  By taking part in this event you authorise the future use of your picture for publicity purposes.

Kart Rules
The kart must be designed to have minimum of three wheels in contact with the track.
The kart must be powered by man power only – no engines, electrical or fuel-air propulsion (ie: pushing power only – any karts with pedals, must disable the pedals).
The kart must have some form of functional braking system.
The kart cannot be wider than 60 inches (5 feet).
Luge boards, skateboards or similar vehicles do not qualify as a kart.
Karts must not have any sharp edges or extended axles that could cause injury to team members, other competitors, stewards or spectators.
Your kart will be inspected at registration and will be required to be of “workmanlike” standard.
Unsafe karts or karts in violation of these rules will not be able to participate.

Each person in the team MUST have a helmet that is secured to his or her head by a strap.  A minimum of a bicycle helmet is required.
All drivers and team members must register and those under 18 must have the signed permission of a parent or guardian.
If you don’t have a helmet or fail to register with the appropriate permissions (if required), you will not be allowed to race.  NB: Helmets will not be available from the event organisers.
No pyrotechnics, fire or fireworks are allowed on the course or as part of your kart.
No objects are to be thrown from or at karts or team members – this includes water bombs and water balloons.  Water from Water Pistols/Guns is the only acceptable projectile which may be used from or against any kart.
We ask spectators to ensure that nothing is thrown at karts (including water bombs/water balloons) during the time trials as this may disrupt or injure participants.

Course Rules
The event will be conducted as individual time trials and there will be a time gap between karts.  There will NOT be a mass start.
There must be a driver in each kart on the starting line and throughout the race.
The kart must not move without a driver in the vehicle.
The kart must only be pushed or pulled by the registered team members.
Team members must remain in contact with their kart throughout the trial.
No more than three people are allowed in a team whilst racing.  Roles within the team may change and a pusher may take the place of the driver and jump onto the kart if required.
Contacts with other karts MUST be avoided.  Dangerous activity will lead to disqualification.
The finishing time will be recorded when the last member of the team crosses the finishing line.

Changes to the event
DHHC reserves the right to alter the start time of the event at any time.

DHHC reserves the right to cancel this event at any time due to unforeseen circumstances.

All participants taking part in the Soapbox Derby do so at their own risk. In no event shall DHHC be liable for any injuries, loss or damages whatsoever, including indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential losses connected with any aspect of this event.