An NFT is a non-fungible token, a one of a kind digital asset. These are a way of creating unique identifiers for digital artwork, like an edition number on a photographer's print.

A first for Bruce Munro Studio and for Dorothy House, purchasing an NFT is an opportunity to own a digital copy of Bruce’s valuable art forever.

What will I receive when I purchase an NFT?

When you buy one of our NFTs, you’ll receive both a photograph and short video of our Firefly installation, with a unique tag, allowing you to keep a part of exhibition with you, beyond your visits to the installation at Winsley.

With our Firefly NFT art, each piece is published with a unique token on the Solana blockchain. Solana not only has an incredibly low carbon-footprint, but the blockchain has committed to carbon offsetting any emissions that do occur, making these NFTs fully environmentally friendly! Beyond this, these NFTs require no interaction with cryptocurrencies, and all transactions will be processed through a secure credit-card payment with Dorothy House.

How will my NFT support the Firefly Appeal?

The Firefly NFTs are exclusive to the Firefly Appeal 2023, with 95% of the proceeds of each Firefly NFT sold going directly to Dorothy House. This is an amazing way to own a piece of Bruce’s art, and contribute to ongoing patient and family care.

Where do I purchase my NFT?

You can purchase your NFT via the online donation form here. You will receive a separate email with clear instruction giving you access to your unique piece of digital art.