WingWalk 2022

Fancy a walk in the clouds? Take part in the Dorothy House Wingwalk on 1 September 2022

Flown by one of the Aerosuperbatics Wing-walking display pilots, you will take to the skies on the top wing of one of a Boeing Stearman biplanes and experience an exciting series of flypasts, zoom climbs, steep dives and banks in front of the family and friends you bring along on the day.

Before you taxi across their beautiful airfield ready for take-off, we expect you’ll be overwhelmed with excitement from the roar of the 450hp engine and the propeller in front of you hitting speeds of 130mph.

Your adrenaline will hit new heights as the aircraft builds momentum for lift off! Feel the sense of freedom as you fly through the air, taking in the stunning views surrounding the airfield, while waving to friends and family down below.

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