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Taking #700 Pentathlon shots The Dorothy House #700 challenge

With Tokyo fast approaching it’s a very busy time for us athletes. Competing in a sport with 5 separate disciplines is always exciting and definitely keeps me out of trouble.

It also means that when I decided to commit to the Dorothy house #700 challenge, I had several different ideas floating around. The beauty of the challenge is you can choose to do absolutely anything, from baking 700 donuts to walking 700 miles – provided it’s 700 of something, it’s allowed!

That’s why I decided to do a challenge which will help with my training for the year ahead and onwards towards Tokyo in 2020, while also hopefully raising lots of money and awareness for Dorothy house.

My challenge will be to shoot 700 shots in 7 days.

As the final event in a pentathlon competition is the laser run where you have a combination of laser shooting at a target and running 3.2 kilometres, I thought it would be a great opportunity to incorporate the challenge with my training.

The task at hand will be to fire 700 “green” shots at a target from 10 metres away. For every shot that goes within the black circle which is 6cm in diameter, a green light will be displayed, meaning that shot is allowed; however, if I miss this circle a red light will be shown and I’ll have to keep going until I hit the centre.

On an average training week, I normally shoot between 300 and 400 shots meaning 700 will be quite demanding on my arm and my concentration, never the less I love new challenges so can’t wait to get this underway soon!

Wish me luck.


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Dorothy House #700 Challenge

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