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Graham Street, Managing Partner, Royds Withy King

Five years ago, we realised we wanted to do more to support our local communities but we didn’t have a grand plan. Corporate Social Responsibility has (since) become an integral part of our culture, bringing people together and uniting teams and offices with a shared sense of purpose. It has also given us a point of difference, helping us to be an employer of choice, becoming a talking point among clients and contacts and giving us a distinct competitive advantage.

One of the reasons we believe we’ve been so successful, is our commitment to a single charity
in each office location, as voted for by our staff. Our current charity, chosen by our Bath offices, is Dorothy House Hospice Care and all our local fundraising goes to them. This concerted effort over a two year period means we can really make a difference and I think this motivates our staff to work even harder, get even more creative and become even more ambitious with their targets.

Partnering with charities is not just about sleeping more easily at night. It’s about working in a way that makes good business sense.