Getting your event in the media

Getting local media coverage for your fundraising event can really help make it a success. Here are a few tips:

  • Get to know your local media. Buy your local paper, have a flick through your parish magazine or community newsletter and listen to your local radio stations.
  • Parish magazines and community newsletters usually need plenty of notice of an event as they are often published monthly. The minute you’ve confirmed the details of your fundraising event, send the details to them.
  • Local radio stations are often happy to promote charity events for free. Email them at least three weeks in advance and phone them when there are a few days to go.
  • Your local paper will charge you for putting in an advert promoting your event, but you can get around this by sending in details of your event as a press release, in the hope they’ll write an article on it. We have provided you with a template so you can just fill in your details and send it off.

Don’t forget to take some photographs at your event – you can always send those in to the local paper once it’s over, with details of how much you raised and how many people turned up. Take lots of photos!