The legal bit

  • You are responsible for making sure your event is run safely and legally. Dorothy House cannot accept any liability for any loss, injury or damage that may result from your event. You may need to arrange public liability insurance for your event.
  • Comply with all applicable laws and obtain any licenses that might be required for your event. For example, it is illegal to collect donations in a public place or house-to-house unless you have a license from your Local Authority. Please make sure you have permission from the landowner if you are planning to collect donations on private property.
  • Make sure you assess and eliminate any potential risks to yourself, helpers and participants at your event. Contact British Red Cross or St John’s Ambulance if you feel first aiders are needed.
  • Inform the landowner and police if your event is being held in a public place.
  • Keep any money you collect in a secure place and pass it on to Dorothy House as soon as possible after your event. Please don’t send us any cash in the post. You should bank coins and notes directly into your own account and then pay the money to us.