Getting Ready

Posted by Matt Carter, on October 25 2018 in: One Man And His Dog

Well we have just had a great evening at Lucknam Park Hotel, Autumn drinks for high net worth and donors, went really well, best yet and really got the message across, but not the best start to this campaign. All Black training book clearly states no drink, high protein diet, bed by nine. Well its 23.00, I have just had yesterday’s Spag Bog reheated, with cheese and I think my sons left overs, cant be choosey – but it always tastes better second time around.


Well one thing I know is Myrtle is keen: She will be OK after some sleep

The kit is also very important – rations, a map, water, mars bars x 4, cant go hungry, space blanket for afternoon nap, torch in case the route takes longer than expected, thermos for two mugs of coffee, the regimental lead, because its regimental!! I also have the itinerary, website and loo paper, essential and doggie bags. So we are set to go what you don’t see is the 2 x Salami sandwiches and the packet of crisps, just in case I need tea!!


So we are off to Moorland Road for 8.30, interview at 08,50 with Ben Prater, BBC Wiltshire,┬áthen to Abbey Gate, Argyll, Bridge St Broad St, Milson ST. Meet the crowds and then at 12.45 ish – head off via Sainsbury’s and the river.

Thanks for your thoughts, its bed time. I will check the weather tomorrow. Really looking forward to the riverside walk, I will tell you about it tomorrow.