Caring at home

As a carer you can talk to anyone at Dorothy House or to your GP, district nurse, health visitor, social worker, or hospital staff about what help you can get at home.

If you provide hands-on care, you may need information and advice about lifting and moving the person you care for, helping them to wash, understanding what they can eat, side effects of medication and how to recognise new symptoms.

Practical support from professionals can include information about the illness, planning ahead should there be an emergency (such as if you were taken ill) and help should you want to take a break from caring for a few hours each week.

Make sure you ask questions. There is a lot to take in so don’t be afraid to ask the same questions over again. You might find it useful to take notes when you talk to professionals.


Adapting your home

There may be certain pieces of equipment, such as extra stair rails, which could help the person you care for to live as independently as possible.

If you need further advice, a Dorothy House occupational therapist will be happy to talk to you. Please call our Clinical Coordination Centre on 0345 0130 555 (Monday-Friday, 8-6pm; Saturday-Sunday 9am-5pm).