Lymphoedema is a condition that causes swelling in the body’s tissue, usually in the arms or legs. It is caused by damage or disruption to the lymphatic system. A function of the lymphatic system is to drain excess fluid from the tissues, but if it is disrupted or damaged, it can lose this ability and the excess fluid will cause the tissue to swell.

The resulting swelling may cause chronic tissue inflammation, leading to the formation of connective fibres and eventual lack of movement in that area.

What can the Lymphoedema service offer?

  • A full assessment to both palliative and non-palliative patients
  • Information on skin care, compression garments, exercise and a specialist form of massage
  • Intensive treatment

For more information on either the palliative or non-palliative service, contact the Lymphoedema Team on 01225 721 487.