Do you have private medical insurance?

Do you have private medical insurance?  If so, you might be able to help us

Many people have private health insurance that they have taken out for themselves, or that an employer has taken out on their behalf.  Whether you are staying in our In-patient Unit, receiving visits from our Nurse Specialists or Hospice at Home Team or attending our Day Patient Unit, Dorothy House may be able to request a payment from your insurance company.

The donation amount will depend on the policy you have and some insurers may specifically exclude hospice care.  However, we would be very grateful if you would be happy for us to contact your private medical insurer, to see if your policy covers hospice care, and ask for a donation.

There is absolutely no obligation for you to provide us with details of your policy but if we were successful in obtaining a payment this would help us to continue to provide our free care to other patients.

What do I need to do?

If you have private health insurance then please contact Sarah Dodd, in our Fundraising Team.

You can contact her by email on: sarah.dodd@dorothyhouse-hospice.org.uk or by telephone on 01225 721 480.  She will ask you to complete a simple form to authorise us to contact your insurance company.

You will need to do nothing more.

Thank you