Job Applicants and Referees

Why do we collect personal information about job applicants and referees and how do we use it?


As an employer, there are lawful bases for the personal information that we collect on our job applicants and referees.

Job applicants’ and referees’ data can also help us to support our workforce better and make for a better recruitment experience.  A significant lawful basis (legal reason) for collecting and using certain personal information about job applicants is that of “legal obligation”.  In other words, we have to collect this information to comply with the law. Processing information under this lawful basis enables us to:

  • Meet immigration law obligations
  • Verify the job applicant’s right to work

We also collect and use information about job applicants under the lawful basis of “contract” with a view to entering a contract with that individual as an employee. Processing information under this legal basis enables us to:

  • Recruit the right staff to Dorothy House, understanding for example their skills, job history and background

We process some personal information on job applicants on the lawful basis of “legitimate interest” so that we can:

  • Monitor demographic, equality and diversity data to evidence fair recruitment

Processing information on the basis of “legitimate interest” means that DH deems it necessary and appropriate to collect this information for reasons that do not require your consent. However, you can object to data processing on this basis. See Your Rights section.


What personal information do we collect about job applicants and referees?


Based on the data processing reasons outlined above, we may collect all or some of the information below to help us ensure the best recruitment process (note, this list is not exhaustive):

Basic details: Name, postal/email address, telephone number, date of birth.

Demographic, equality and diversity data (This information is collected anonymously and separately from a job application form.)

Job application information including references, contact details of referees.
NB: DBS checks take place once applications have been successful

Skills and experience information including CVs, records of qualifications, education, training and professional membership/registration.

Identification information including photos, car driver information, copies of birth certificate/driving licence.


Where do we store personal job applicants and referees information and for how long?


Job applicants’ and referees’ personal information is stored on a secure database managed by Dorothy House. All databases are username and password protected and staff receive training so that they are aware of their professional responsibility to respect confidentiality.

If job applicants are unsuccessful in their application, their application details are kept on file by Dorothy House for 6 months and then deleted unless prior agreement has been obtained. Copies of official documentation are shredded immediately after an unsuccessful interview.

Successful job applicants’ personal information is retained – please see Employee Privacy Statement.


Sharing personal information about job applicants


Information on job applicants and referees will be shared internally with Dorothy House Teams and Line Managers in order to make the best recruitment decisions.

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Download PDF version – Job Applicants and Referees Privacy Statement