Retail Donors and Shoppers

Why do we collect personal retail donor and shopper information and how do we use it?


As a charity, there are various lawful bases for the personal information that we process on our retail donors and shoppers.

A lawful basis (legal reason) for collecting and using certain personal information about retail donors and shoppers is that of “legal obligation”.  In other words, we have to collect and use this information to comply with the law.

Processing information under this basis enables us to submit Gift Aid claims to HMRC and write to donors regarding donation amounts for their HMRC compliance. We are also legally obliged to collect contact information so that we can provide refunds.

Dorothy House also collects contact information on retail donors for the purpose of appropriate postal marketing.  We process this personal data on the lawful basis of “legitimate interest.”

Processing information on the basis of legitimate interest means that DH deems it necessary and appropriate to collect this information for reasons that do not require your consent. However, you can object to data processing on this basis. See Your Rights section.


What personal information do we collect about our retail donors?


Based on the data processing reasons outlined above, Dorothy House collects all or some of the following information, primarily for those who have signed up to Gift Aid:

Basic details: Name, postal/email address, telephone number.

Retail information: Gift Aid declaration, retail sales data


Where do we store personal retail donor information and for how long?


Retail donors’ personal information as outlined above is stored on a secure database hosted at Dorothy House and which only Dorothy House employees and volunteers with a username and password can access.  Staff receive training so that they are aware of their professional responsibility to respect confidentiality.

We retain all donation records for a minimum of 7 years to comply with HMRC and audit requirements.  There are important organisational reasons for retaining retail donors’ information longer than this, for example legacy records and statistical monitoring.  If you do not wish us to keep your information longer than 7 years, please contact us.


Sharing personal information about retail donors with third parties


Dorothy House is responsible for storing retail donors’ information and will need to share some of this information with third parties as follows:

  • HMRC for gift aid purposes
  • Third party communications services: mailing houses, bulk email service providers

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