Why do we collect service providers’ information and how do we use it?


At Dorothy House, the lawful basis for the information that we process on our service providers, i.e. contractors and suppliers is contractual.  Processing information under this lawful basis enables us to:

  • Process and pay invoices
  • Contact emergency support providers in times of emergency


What personal information do we collect about our service providers, for example contractors/suppliers?


Based on the data processing reasons outlined above, we may collect all or some of the information below to help us ensure the best relationship with our service providers:

Basic details: Name, postal / email address, telephone number.

Organisation details: Job title(s), organisation/employer, bank account details, completed new supplier form.


Where do we store service providers’ information and for how long?


Service providers’ information as outlined above is stored on secure databases, hosted at Dorothy House, which only Dorothy House employees and volunteers with a username and password can access.  Staff receive training so that they are aware of their professional responsibility to respect confidentiality.  This information could be kept up to 7 years for HMRC purposes.


Sharing personal information about service providers (contractors/suppliers) with third parties


As valued service providers to DH we would look to share your details and include you in our communications as we feel there is legitimate interest unless you request otherwise.

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