Referring through SystmOne

Any organisation involved in a patient’s care that uses TPP’s SystmOne are able to share SystmOne information electronically and send a referral to Dorothy House directly through SystmOne. Referrals can be made quickly and easily using a data entry template.

To send an electronic SystmOne referral you must have:
  • The patients consent to share out their SystmOne information from you
  • The patients consent for Dorothy House to share in their SystmOne information

1. Setup (One-off process) – this will need to be completed by your system administrator

  • Add the data entry template to the clinical tree – Download further instructions (228Kb .doc) here
  • Ensure you have the ‘Prompt to record the receiving organisation’s share in preference when sending an electronic referral‘ ticked in organisational preferences (i.e. Clinical policy – Sharing (enhanced))

2. Making a referral

If you have any queries, please contact the Dorothy House Informatics Department on 01225 721 486.