What Complicates Grief & Loss?

21 March 2018

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Are you a health / social care practitioner who has contact with patients and families pre and post bereavement? If so, this course will enable you to recognise the key factors that complicate grief for individual adults and children, as well as families. Factors complicating grief could include things such as suicide, trauma, and difficult relationships.

This course is an excellent follow-up to our 'Change, Loss and Grief' course, but can also be taken as a stand alone course.

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1 day
21 March 2018
21 March 2018
9.30 - 16.00
Registered and non-registered staff working with people affected by complex grief, loss or change. Factors might include things such as suicide, trauma, difficult relationships etc.
Light lunch and refreshments included
01225 721 470

Other information

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • understand the distinction between healthy / complex grief, and between complex grief / grief related disorders
  • identify a range of factors that make grief complex for both adults and children, including social, biographical, emotional, developmental, behavioural and health issues
  • explore the inter-relationship of family and individual grief
  • apply the principles of assessment of an individual’s experience of grief
  • practice role appropriate responses to complicated grief


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  • Excellent course.
  • A good session, very useful.
  • I thought the day was great, thank you.
  • I found the whole day very interesting, relevant and stimulating.


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We understand some of our courses from time to time may cover sensitive or difficult areas for some people.

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If you would like to have a chat with us before booking to attend, please feel free to contact the course lead Simon Parrett – tel 01225 721 470.


What other courses might I be interested in?

This course is an excellent follow-up to our ‘Change, Loss and Grief’ course, but can also be taken as a stand alone course.

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