Corporate support

Can your business work with Dorothy House to help support the care we deliver?

Your support is even more vital today as we're unable to fundraise by holding mass participation events and the hundreds of community ones that fund our care.

You may be unsure as to how exactly you can offer support; your company may have switched to home-working so a dress down day or volunteering opportunity is no longer viable.

However, I invite you to be curious. Get in touch and let’s create a unique partnership to raise funds for the local community. Our corporate partners make a crucial difference to the care we can provide.

Please call Phillippa Watson on 01225 721 480 or email


Here’s a few examples of how your business could get involved:

Make a corporate donation

Apart from the philanthropic aspect to charitable giving, a limited company will pay less Corporation Tax if they donate money to charity. View the government website for further information.

Choose Dorothy House as your Charity of the Year

Nominating the Hospice as the chosen charity over a specific period is a popular choice for businesses; we can provide dynamic, interesting and innovative ways to help you fulfil your CSR aims.

Offer matched funding

A great incentive for staff to raise money themselves is for the business to match it £ for £ thus doubling the amount raised. This creates a strong sense of team spirit and the company can also benefit from the Gift Aid scheme.

Introduce cause-related marketing

There can be substantial positives for for-profit companies aligning with long-standing, well-loved local charities via their marketing campaigns.

Sponsor an event or a nurse

Partnering with Dorothy House in one of our high-profile events during the year provides a great platform to deliver a positive message, show your commitment to our cause and gain substantial marketing and PR benefits.

Or, support one of our palliative care nurses to be funded and your staff would gain a true insight into the care they deliver when they meet them for a talk and informal chats during the year.

Initiate a sales partnership

There can be huge benefits to the charity if a business were to include a small donation each time they make a sale – this strengthens customer engagement and increases loyalty to the business.

Get involved with one of our events or run one of your own!

We host many events throughout the year offering great opportunities for business teams to enter. Alternatively, organisations can opt to run their own event such as a golf tournament, a ball, regular quizzes, a dress-down day or a cake sale – the possibilities are endless!

Instigate Payroll Giving

Also known as Give As You Earn, payroll giving is a way that employees can donate to Dorothy House direct from their salary. The company or pension-provider makes the donation before tax is calculated so the employee does not pay tax on the income they have chosen to donate.

Propose gifts in kind

The charity welcomes goods such as obsolete stock to sell in our shops or use as auction prizes, these items may not cost the business anything but could be hugely beneficial to us.

Volunteer for a day

Many businesses now encourage staff to offer their time for a day at a local charity and this can be a powerful tool for team building not to mention the huge advantage to the hospice! We can create bespoke programmes for staff to ensure a rewarding day for all.