The illness and death of a parent or loved one is the hardest thing that any child will have to face.

Our specialist Children and Young People’s Service offers a range of support to families, where there are children under 18. This support includes social work, play therapy and psychotherapeutic help. Our support helps children and young people explore and express their feelings, prepare for what is going to happen and find ways to cope with the changes to their lives.

We support children and young people at home, in school or at the Hospice in Winsley. We also offer advice and support to parents in talking to their children. We have a library of helpful leaflets and resources, including books for parents to read with their children.

Additionally, we provide one-to-one and group work with children and young people.

We also offer advice for schools and individual staff members about how best to support a child at school, where that child has a seriously ill parent or has been bereaved.

All these services are available before and after bereavement.


If you’d like more information about our bereavement services for children, or if you wish to talk to someone, please contact the team:
Phone: 0345 0130 555