Spiritual Care

Our Spiritual Support and Chaplaincy Team offers multi-faith support, advice and spiritual care. They are here if you profess a faith or do not profess a specific faith but believe you are on a spiritual journey. They will help you explore your feelings around a wide range of subjects including fear, concern for others or what happens when life comes to an end.

The Team also offers creative liturgical and spiritual events, with a multi-faith or no faith emphasis. These take place at Winsley, online and within other appropriate community settings. Our Team seeks to connect with diverse faith groups within our wider community.

Spiritual support available

Spiritual support is offered at Dorothy House because spirituality can play a significant part in the journey that patients and families take when a life is ending.

Our team is made up of people from varying backgrounds and spirituality. There is a full time Spiritual Team Lead based at Winsley and also one-to-one and on-call provision available to the whole Dorothy House community.

A life-limiting diagnosis can raise many questions and concerns; the Spiritual Support Team is available to respond to specific need and are there to offer a listening ear and an opportunity to explore the journey ahead, for anyone who wishes. The support is accessible, accepting and responsive to all life situations and is offered to all.

The Beacon

Everyone is welcome to spend time in the Beacon at Winsley (formerly known as The Chapel) if you wish to think, reflect, contemplate, retreat pray or meditate. It’s a quiet space that offers hope to those who are seeking spiritual accompaniment on their journey. It’s both a multi-faith and no-faith place that is open to all. The Beacon is a light within Dorothy House and a light outwards, visible to those looking for help and guidance.


Serenity is a short online session broadcast on Facebook each week. The sessions offer a time for reflection and quiet, giving you a little break from your day and space to think.


Serenity - 8 October 2021

Serenity - 10 September 2021

Serenity - 27 August 2021

Serenity - 2 July 2021

Serenity - 21 May 2021

Serenity - 6 May 2021

Serenity - 16 April 2021

Serenity - 9 April 2021