Gender Pay Gap Report

Posted by Matt Carter, on April 3 2019 in: News

Dorothy House Hospice Care – Gender Pay Gap results for the period 2017/18:  

As required by the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, Dorothy House Hospice Care has undertaken Gender Pay Reporting for 2017/18,  and do so on an annual basis.

Our gender pay gap results reflect the fact that, like many hospices and healthcare organisations, Dorothy House employs a largely female workforce.  We also have strong representation of women in senior roles at Dorothy House as out of the 234 employees in the upper two pay quartiles, 86% are women,  we have also increased the volume of men employed at the Hospice from 69 in April 2017 to 87 in April 2018.

The Hospice employed 469 people in their workforce in April 2018 with a gender split of 87 men and 382 women based on data regarding our full-time, part-time and bank employees.

On average women working across Dorothy House earn more than men and we have an average (or mean) pay gap of -0.89% and a middle-point (or median) pay gap of -11.52%.

Click here to download the full Gender Pay Gap Report.