Information hub

The Dorothy House Information hub exists to provide an up-to-date selection of end of life and palliative care resources for patients, carers, family members and healthcare professionals.

The information you will find in the hub covers services and research from Dorothy House and other other expert health and care providers who are able to offer additional advice, support and care.

Care resources to inform, train and support our community

At Dorothy House, we've always had a strong commitment to education and research, for our own staff and for our community. Caring for patients with life-limiting illnesses can pose many challenges and that's why we believe it's important to equip people with knowledge and skills, so that they can care with confidence.

Our Information hub is a knowledge-sharing resource that informs, trains and supports our community to provide the best end of life and palliative care. It's driven by our desire to facilitate transparent and open dialogue between patients, their families, carers and health practitioners.