Accessibility Statement:

We are constantly developing our website and adding enhancements to aid user experience. We are ensuring that our site reaches the AA level of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, independently accredited by Shaw Trust Website Accessibility Accreditation Service. Our site was audited by disabled testers and accessibility experts in September 2015. Our aim is to provide the best user experience for as many people as possible.


Supported Browsers
Our site works when using the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Android browser
  • Internet explorer 9.10
Skipping to main content

If you’re using a screen reader or keyboard, you can use the ‘skip to content’ link at the top of every page, this will skip the navigation and allow you to access the content quicker.

Using the keyboard to navigate

Some people find it easier to move through web pages using the ‘tab’ button on the keyboard, and using ‘enter’ to click on links and buttons.

Increasing or reducing text

You can increase the text size of the website by pressing both ‘Ctrl’ and ‘+’ or ‘-‘ keys (if you are a Mac user, use the ‘Apple’ key and ‘+’ and ‘-‘)

Changing colours and fonts

You can change the colour of web pages to increase or decrease the contrast or to change colours. You can do this through settings in your browser (e.g.: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari). This may involve you installing extensions or ‘add on’s’ for your browser.


For screen reader users, we have made sure that all our images across the site have alternative text that clearly describes what the image depicts.

Opening documents

Document downloads

In some of our sections we provide additional content as PDF (Portable Document Format) or Word document format. If these documents fail to open, you will need to install some free software:

For PDF documents, download the latest Adobe Reader Software
For Word documents, download the latest Word viewer software

We have ensured that these meet screen reader accessibility criteria throughout.

Video clips

All the video content embedded on our site is available to watch with optional subtitles (closed captions), Which can be switched on in the video control panel.

We use the video platform Vimeo and try to ensure our videos are accessible as possible, but we cannot control the accessibility of Vimeo functionality.

Social media channels (twitter and Facebook)

We use social media to share information with our supporters and users, and our website features content feeds from sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately these sites often restrict ways in which content is displayed and is therefore not as accessible as we would like.

Third Party suppliers

We use an image gallery light box which has keyboard navigation for modal window and visual cues for keyboard navigation. Our Event pages are powered by a third party plugin (Event Espresso) – Invalid HTML markup. Unfortunately these sites are often not as accessible as we would like.