Leaving a gift in your will

Types of gifts

Two of the simplest ways to leave a gift in your will are a percentage of your estate, or a cash sum. Please click below for more information on types of gifts.

Peace of Mind Planner

Where our lives are scattered with paperwork and digital records, our Peace of Mind Planner is designed to help record and easily access important life information.

Free online wills

We have collaborated with Farewill and the National Free Wills Network to offer our community the opportunity to make or update a will free of charge.

Contact us for support

For more information on gifts in wills, or if you do not have a solicitor who can help you, please contact us and we can supply a list of local solicitors who regularly draft wills.

How your gift supports our care

Could help pay towards the annual cost of specialist books about illness, death, dying and grief, which we send to families to help them talk to children and teenagers about their experiences.

Could provide around 375 hours of care in a patient’s home, here in your community.

Could cover the cost of 25 nights of care on our Inpatient Unit at Winsley, allowing our staff to offer respite and symptom control to patients in a safe and caring setting.

Could help to fund our Bereavement Service for one year, offering one to one counselling and a range of peer-support groups to patients, their loved ones and bereaved members of our community.

Donate now

Your donation will help us care fore even more patients and their families when they need it the most.

Not only will it support people at the Hospice in Winsley, but it also supports your community and those that wish to be cared for at home. Thank you.

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