Inpatient Unit

Our 10-bed Inpatient Unit (IPU) at Winsley is a specialist care environment for people whose palliative symptoms and/or end of life cannot be successfully managed at home.

Symptom management and future care planning

Patients usually stay for a short time to access complex care, for help managing symptoms and medication, and planning future care.

IPU offers access to our full suite of health and social care professionals such as medics, dietician, physiotherapy, spiritual, social and psychological support and occupational therapy teams. Patients usually stay for a short time to access complex care, for help managing symptoms and medication, and planning future care.

Patients may be admitted to the Inpatient Unit:

  • to have their needs assessed
  • for relief of difficult symptoms such as pain
  • to help them adjust to physical changes resulting from their illness
  • to allow the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy team to work closely with them
  • for the last few days of their lives.

All of our Inpatient Unit rooms have en suite facilities, beautiful views and easy wheelchair access to the grounds.

Returning home and IPU at end of life

The majority of patients under our care are supported to leave IPU and return home or to another place of care within two weeks, where we would continue to provide palliative care in a community setting.

Some patients prefer to spend the last few days of their life on IPU, however being admitted to IPU does depend on symptoms and bed availability.

Planning a stay

All our patients, their families and carers are involved in planning and choosing their most appropriate care and treatment when staying at the Inpatient Unit. Information about our patients is confidential and used only for the purpose for which it was given. With a patient’s consent, our team will share this information internally to provide the best care and support, both before and after a patients stay.

What to pack for a stay on the Unit

We want patients to feel comfortable and relaxed during their stay with us. Below is a brief packing list to help prepare. 

  • Day and night clothes, shoes and slippers
  • Mobility aids (eg walking stick, frame)
  • Toiletries (eg shampoo, shower gel)
  • Medicines, lotions and dressings
  • Relevant nursing notes/DNAR/CPR/TEP forms (if applicable)
  • Any tech equipment used at home (eg iPad, Kindle)
  • Mobile phone and charger (please be aware we have poor reception with some networks)
  • Any documents related to Advance Care Planning
  • Bringing a few personal items can make the bedrooms feel more homely (eg photos, trinkets)

We can provide towels and wash cloths but we have no on-site laundry facilities.

Dorothy House cannot accept liability for any valuable items brought into the unit.

Visiting a patient on the Unit

Under normal circumstances, visitors are welcome at any time, but they may be limited if a patient needs rest or they are receiving personal care. We welcome children and have a family room for visitors, with a TV, DVD player, Xbox, toys, and arts and craft equipment.

We have one room for visitors to stay overnight which we allocate according to need.

Each of our bedrooms has its own telephone for incoming calls. Friends and family should call 01225 721 498 and the receptionist will route your call.

Useful contact numbers

Dorothy House 24hr Advice Line: 0345 0130 555

Clinical Coordination Centre: 0345 0130 555

Main Switchboard: 01225 722 988

Direct line for patients staying on the Inpatient Unit to receive calls: 01225 967 500