When someone has died

Whatever you are feeling when your loved one has died is natural. Take your time and don’t rush. Often, everything will feel extremely overwhelming and busy regardless of how prepared you may have thought you were.

Below you will find information about what to do immediately after a death, support for funeral planning and bereavement resources for you and your loved ones. Remember throughout to take time to look after yourself.

If the person has died in the Hospice or hospital, you will be given a medical certificate. When someone dies at home the death has to be verified by a health care professional, such as a doctor, paramedic or community nurse.

You need to register the death within five days. Once you have the medical certificate, make an appointment with your local registration office. The Registrar will issue a Death Certificate and Notification of Disposal, which you then give to the funeral director. It’s advisable to purchase several copies of the Death Certificate, as certified originals will be needed for banks, building societies and some other organisations.

Please download our resource here for further support and information on what to do when someone has died.